Shopper Exchange

The New Standard in Co-Marketing

A turn-key co-marketing platform that enables retailers to drive more product sales and increase brand partner participation.


For Retailers

Gain a Competitive Edge with
Co-Marketing Done Right

Turn co-marketing into a strategic growth opportunity by better leveraging your audience data to increase the performance and value of vendor-funded campaigns. The Shopper Exchange unifies and automates a retailer’s multi-channel co-marketing programs in a fully managed advertising platform.  

  • Drive more product sales both in-store and online
  • Increase vendor brand participation and investment
  • Scale campaigns with a turn-key platform managed by a team of experts
  • Remain competitive with a more compelling co-marketing offering
  • Deepen collaboration with vendors

Join the list of marquee retailers who are utilizing co-marketing to drive their business forward. Contact us today to get started.

For Brands

Better Realize the Value and Impact of
Your Co-Marketing Investment

Finally, tools and insights that validate your retailer co-marketing spend.

  • Gain greater visibility into the results of your retailer co-marketing campaigns
  • Optimization and closed loop sales measurement maximize return on ad spend
  • Engage consumers buying and/or browsing at the retailers where your products are sold
  • Pure, unmodeled shopper data allows for zero waste
  • Delivery across display, mobile, video and social media

Co-marketing done right is a proven sales driver that brands are investing in. Contact us to learn more and about the retailers we are working with.