Retail Media
Done Right

Powered by Retailer Shopper Data

Turn your audience data into a strategic growth opportunity that increases the performance and value of supplier-funded advertising campaigns.

OneMarket provides advertising and media solutions for brands.

Retailer Benefits

A New Competitive Edge for Retailers

Our Retail Media solution empowers retailers to more effectively monetize their audience and measure the impact with closed-loop reporting.

  • Data Reporting for for Brands in Retail Advertising
    Drive incremental sales & brand investment

    With enhanced campaign targeting, optimization and measurement, retailers and brands see more value in their retailer media campaigns.

  • Omnichannel retail advertising
    Scale campaigns across multiple channels

    Managed by our team of experts, execute thousands of brand campaigns across display, mobile, video and social with automated workflow and reporting.

  • Retail Media Solutions for Brands
    Remain competitive with a turn-key solution

    Implement the new standard in retail media already adopted by leading retailers, without additional overhead investment.

Brand Benefits

Precise Shopper Engagement for Brands

Finally, tools and insights that leverage your retail partner’s highly targeted audience. Retail media done right is a proven sales driver that brands are investing in.

  • Retail Data Reporting from OneMarket
    Optimize with closed-loop measurement

    Benefit from one centralized place to get real-time measurement of the campaigns you run, together with detailed reporting.

  • Eliminate waste with pure, unmodeled shopper data

    Engage consumers both buying and browsing at the retailers where your products are sold.

  • Digital Advertising from OneMarket
    Engage across digital channels

    Access brand-safe programmatic ad delivery across display, mobile, video and social with sophisticated tools to facilitate creatives.

How it Works

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