Introducing OneMarket: The World’s First Retail Technology Network

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of OneMarket, the world’s first retail technology network. OneMarket, a Westfield company, combines all of our learnings from the past six years as Westfield Retail Solutions and Westfield Labs and makes them available to every retailer, brand, venue, and technology partner.

Our new name represents our collaborative approach to retail and our goal to transform a fragmented industry into an integrated one. One network for all of retail. OneMarket is on a mission to facilitate collaboration, bridge the retail data deficit, and implement new technologies at a scale that until now has been impossible for individual organizations to achieve alone.

We firmly believe that collectively investing in shared technologies and innovations makes us all stronger, faster, and better able to overcome retail’s biggest business challenges. Together we will introduce countless advantages to the industry, including new technology and data sharing. We will create a sustainable business advantage for all that leverages shared physical assets, digital innovation, and data collection.

Simply put, OneMarket is uniquely positioned to win today. Our team is made up of some of the world’s most successful retail entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley technology pioneers who continue to lead the way forward through the convergence of physical and digital retail. And, we’ve already partnered with many of today’s retail leaders, with announcements to follow in the coming weeks.

Collaboration is today’s competitive advantage. We hope you agree – and we hope you’ll join us on our journey to reshape the way the world shops.

The OneMarket Team