Chain Store Age — Can OneMarket ‘Amazonify’ the rest of retail?

Author: Al Urbanski, Chain Store Age
Published: July 17, 2019


It’s not exactly Amazon, but it’s as Amazonian a tech solution as the rest of retail has ever had at its disposal before.

That’s OneMarket CEO Joe Polverari’s assessment of his company’s introduction this week of a marketing platform for retailers that combines data management with retail-specific marketing capabilities. It’s designed to be plugged into any or all marketing platforms retailers already have in place.

OneMarket, known as Westfield Labs before being spun off from the big mall owner, worked closely with retailers to tailor the data management solution for their use, said Polvarari.

“What we found was that retailers like the idea of a platform that’s approachable, one that they could implement without changing anything they are currently doing,” he said.

What OneMarket’s new introduction brings to the party, according to head of business development David Blumenfeld, is a 360-degree view of a brand’s audience. Users can segment customers as active or lapsed, frequent returners or seasonal shoppers, in-store or online purchasers — and tailor promotions to individuals accordingly.

“With multi-touchpoint attribution, retailers will be able to understand where the sale came from and which touchpoint was most effective in producing the transaction,” Blumenfeld said.

WD Partners this week released the results of a two-year study of representative sample 7,000 U.S. consumers asking “Which of these retailers take care of you best and which take care of you the worst?” Amazon was far and away the best, named by 21%. Walmart came in second with 13%, but Walmart also was first among the worst with 21% of the tally. Amazon did not appear on the second list.

“Amazon knows who you are wherever you go in Amazon. It’s like a credit bureau with one ID that always goes back to the retailer. That’s a huge advantage,” said Polverari, who said that this week’s introduction was an automated customer engagement solution with order tracking and return capabilities.

“What we have seen so far is that, if customers are engaging with a brand in a bi-directional channel, they tend to buy more frequently from that brand,” Polverari said. “That’s the kind of data and response that Amazon gets.”

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