Tailor-made for today's retailer

The fastest and easiest way to activate your customer data

A single platform to gather, organize and learn on your customer data, and then put it to use with activation


Greater than the Sum of our Parts

A single platform for streamlined communications and maximum results

  • Data Reporting for for Brands in Retail Advertising
    Start seeing ROI in 60 days or less

    We handle the heavy lifting - no need to hire resources or take time from your team's day jobs to get the most out of your data. We get you up and running seamlessly, easily and fast.

  • Shopper Data from OneMarket
    Merge Online and Offline Data

    Your customer’s journey isn’t static, and your data shouldn’t be either. Capture key identifiers in-real time, regardless of where they come from

  • 1 contract, 1 platform, 1 dashboard, 1 support team

    Eliminate duplicative solutions by streamlining and condensing. Reduce costs, reduce contracts, reduce headaches


Identify More Shoppers

Don’t let your customers go unrecognized. In-store or online, regardless of device, capture your customer data so you can build comprehensive profiles for your customers and prospects

  • Easy capture of in-store and online transactions
  • Import product feed, online browsing, loyalty, email, segmentation schemes, etc.
  • Sync data points to create a 360 single customer view


Organize Data Points and Make Sense of It Simply

With a 360 view of your customers, you understand them like never before

  • Plug-and-play retail-specific segmentation and use cases
  • Deep intelligence drives predictive analytics and personalization
  • Dedicated support team optimizes in real-time


Activate with Engagement Solutions

Target your customers more efficiently and communicate with them more meaningfully to drive more purchases, satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Engagement solutions are built right into the platform; no need for cumbersome integrations
  • Retail Data Reporting from OneMarket
    Close-the-loop on attribution to maximize ROI
  • Precise communication leads to proven higher value sales and increased spend



Every purchase presents an opportunity to deepen relationships with your customers. Start by delivering an interactive digital receipt known as Live Receipts to your customers’ preferred channel after an online or in-store purchase.

  • Identify more of your shoppers

    By digitizing every transaction, you capture data that helps you better understand your customers. We stitch that data together for a more holistic view of your customer.

  • Always-open conversation

    Natural language processing allows you to respond contextually to real-time customer inquiries on the channel of your shopper's choice, including email SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

  • Showcase services and promotions contextually

    Present customizable, visual and clickable carousels accessible alongside your receipt to create opportunities for shoppers to engage further with you on their terms.


Intelligent Messaging

Make the most of your customer data with easy-to-implement, yet highly granular segmenting. Accessible within a single dashboard, precise data means precise messaging, which results in increased sales.

  • Drive incremental sales and investment

    See your customers and prospects in a whole new way, and target them more effectively. Grant access to supplier-brands so they can also spend against your audience segments to drive incremental product sales

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness Precisely

    Closed-loop reporting with multi-channel attribution provides unprecedented campaign feedback.

  • Deliver 1:1 Personalized Ads

    Reach your target segments regardless of channel - programmatic display and video, search, paid social, email, and Live Receipt

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