An engagement platform that enables worthwhile conversation between retailers and consumers

Shift away from static one-way communication with consumers, to worthwhile two-way conversations that build long-lasting relationships.

The Hadley Engagement Platform

Give control back to consumers

One Customer | Whenever

Hadley leverages AI to anticipate consumer needs and create smart and highly personalized experiences whenever the consumer is ready to engage.

One Conversation | Wherever

Hadley can be accessed across SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Home and more, and syncs seamlessly to eliminate siloed channels and facilitate conversation, regardless of device or method.

One Account | All in One Place

Hadley maintains a centralized account, profile and preferences for consumers to allow one full view of the consumer and create even more personalized interactions going forward without the need for constantly inputting personal details.

Retailer Benefits

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Shoppers

Integrating Hadley is fast, simple and allows you to reimagine the ways you engage with your consumers.

  • Identify more of your shoppers both in-store and online and gain a 360° understanding of their preferences and behavior.
  • Open a dialogue with your most valuable customers to facilitate meaningful engagement and encourage loyalty.
  • Reduce customer support costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • A single platform cross-retailer drives consumer familiarity, and ultimately trust and adoption.

Get Started

Hadley comes to life with three use-cases today, and many more being built for the future

Retailers can bring Hadley to life with their shoppers in three ways today:

  • Live Receipts – Instead of treating the digital receipt as the end of a transaction, use it to start worthwhile post-purchase engagement at the moment of purchase both in-store and online. Meet your customers where they want with receipt delivery available via SMS, Email or Facebook Messenger.
  • Order Tracking – Allow customers to easily track orders in one place, eliminating the need to shift through emails, remember tracking numbers or contact customer service
  • Returns – Provide a simpler, more streamlined return process and drive a post-purchase experience into the next purchase.

Elevate your engagement with your shoppers. Contact us today to learn more.