Driving Consumer Engagement

Post-purchase engagement starts with Hadley

Enabling retailers to drive meaningful engagement with shoppers to build long-term relationships and increased loyalty. Hadley helps move your shoppers from post-purchase to next-purchase.

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Consumer Engagement Solutions from oneMarket

Post-Purchase Engagement

Hadley is a consumer-facing assistant that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to facilitate conversations with your shoppers after they make a purchase in-store and online. Hadley powers Live Receipts and Returns, two solutions that work together seamlessly thanks to a single platform and synced data.

  • Know more about shoppers to drive consumer engagement
    Identify more of your shoppers

    Identify your shoppers in-store and online with streamlined data-capture, and sync those data-points for one holistic shopper view.

  • Use NLP in retail operations to improve consumer engagement.
    Always-open conversation

    Natural language processing allows Hadley to respond contextually to customer inquiries on the communication channel of their choice, and AI along with Machine Learning means it's always getting smarter.

  • Increase shopper satisfaction with the Hadley consumer engagement solution.
    Increase shopper satisfaction

    Natural language processing allows Hadley to respond contextually to customer inquiries on the communication channel of their choice, and AI along with machine learning means it's always getting smarter.

Hadley Live Receipt

Every purchase presents an opportunity to deepen relationships with your customer. Hadley delivers interactive digital receipts known as Live Receipts to your shoppers’ preferred channel after an online or in-store purchase. The receipt initiates the post-purchase conversation, including access to order tracking and customer service inquiries. With Hadley, shoppers can access their receipts across participating retailers – all in one place.

  • Capture customer data

    By digitizing every transaction, you capture data that helps you better understand your customers. We stitch that data together for a more holistic view of your customer, leading to more actionable insights and opportunities for future personalization.

  • Showcase services and promotions contextually

    Present customizable, visual and clickable carousels easily accessible alongside your receipt to create opportunities for shoppers to engage further with you on their terms.

  • Reduce customer support inquiries

    Diminish customer service costs associated with order status and package tracking, thanks to order tracking updates and contextual responses to chat-based inquiries.

Hadley Returns

Returns should be as easy as one-click. Hadley Returns is a digital returns management product that allows consumers to initiate returns from directly within their Live Receipt. Once a return is initiated, you have increased visibility and control of the returns process with the ability to anticipate product, determine appropriate routing, and ultimately reduce costs.

  • Offer convenient return options

    Offer more carrier options to your shoppers in order to make return shipping more convenient, meaning packages come back to you faster.

  • Increase visibility and control

    Be alerted the moment a customer initiates a return, providing the ability to anticipate product and apply pre-determined preferred routing.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce customer service calls related to returns by providing digital updates throughout the returns process from initiation through to refund.

Communication Channels Supported Today

Hadley is available across the most popular communication channels to meet consumers where they are, without requiring additional app downloads or registrations. In addition to the below, we are always growing our channel ecosystem.

Facebook Messenger

Looking for more information? Hadley Shoppers can find more information here. Developers can find API Portal information here.

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