Retailers, bring your data to life

OneMarket's Customer Activation Platform

Seamlessly unify your data, easily make sense of it, and quickly activate engagements for more meaningful and profitable relationships with customers - all in a single platform.

Solving Real Problems for Today’s Retailers

Finally, an-all-in-one solution for data and marketing. The fast and easy customer activation platform, solving real problems for retail such as:

  • Shopper Data from OneMarket
    How do I identify more customers and make the most out of all my data?
  • Digital Advertising from OneMarket
    How do I acquire new high value customers and increase the lifetime value of my existing ones?
  • Retail Data Reporting from OneMarket
    How do I better understand the impact of my digital marketing on sales, either in-store or online?

How it Works

About OneMarket

OneMarket is the leader in customer data management and activation, empowering retailers to acquire new customers and dramatically increase the lifetime value of existing ones. Today, more than 30 retailers, 100 brands and millions of consumer users are engaged on the platform. OneMarket was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: OMN) in June 2018 following a demerger from Westfield Corporation where it had previously been known as Westfield Labs.