Reshaping the way the world shops with the world’s most powerful network of retailers, venues and technology partners.

Through the power of data, technology and collaboration, we create better experiences for all of retail.

About Us

OneMarket is reshaping the way the world shops through the world’s first retail technology network. Established in 2017 and built on the success of Westfield Labs and Westfield Retail Solutions, the network unites retailers, brands, venues, and partners to facilitate collaboration, encourage data sharing, and implement new technologies like natural voice processing, AI, and AR at scale.

Through OneMarket’s network, retail partners globally can overcome data, technology, and speed-to-market challenges. The collective goal of the network is to create better experiences for all of retail by transforming a fragmented industry into an integrated one.

Our Industry Challenges

Commerce is being fundamentally disrupted by technology, creating shifting consumer expectations and more fierce competition than ever before. Across the globe, the retail industry is facing three big challenges in meeting consumer needs.

Data Deficits

The industry doesn’t have enough information about their customers, and the data they do have isn’t being used efficiently.

Tech Inefficiencies

Everyone is spending a majority of their tech budgets on maintaining legacy systems instead of investing in new, relevant technologies.

Speed & Costs

Most aren’t spending enough on innovation, and when they do, they don’t move fast enough to keep up with the pace of change.

The Network Solution

Through our network, we’re using data in more effective ways than ever before, providing access to better insights, that translate to better results. We need to move from a fragmented industry to a united one. Together on the OneMarket network we can:

Share Data and Technology Investments

For the first time ever, retailers are safely and securely sharing their data for collective use to finally get a complete view of their customers. Network participants also have access to innovative products that create consistent customer experiences across all of retail.

Leverage Economies of Scale

Instead of the current system where we each have to spend billions just to keep up, we’re setting up a new system where we can centralize costs within the network and then distribute the learnings and benefits of that investment across the network.

Put Consumers at the Center

We must standardize customer experiences and therefore, invest together in the same technologies. Retailers offer consumers too many disjointed experiences. Customers want a seamless experience that bridges digital and physical across all retail.

Retailers, brands, and venues must urgently rethink their business strategies to win. The future of shopping starts now. Join us in reshaping the way the world shops.

The OneMarket culture: purpose, passion, partnership.

Join us in our mission to change shopping.


A 9 handicap in golf

Don Kingsborough

President, OneMarket and Board Member, Westfield Corporation

A lifelong boater

Mike Blandina

Executive Vice President, Product & Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

Competed as a NCAA Division 1 hurdler

Dan Dmochowski

Executive Vice President, Retail

Owns land in Nicaragua

Scott Eagle

Chief Operating Officer, Shopper Exchange

Once had a bullet-proof car while living abroad

John Fleming

Senior Vice President, Finance

Ham radio operator

Raghav Lal

Executive Vice President, Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Got strangled by a python in Parliament House, Sydney Australia

Antony Ritch

Executive Vice President, Shopping Centers & Venues

Once met Lady Gaga in an airport

Tamara Samoylova

Vice President, Strategy

Married to a twin, and has twin boys

Lindsey Thomas

Vice President, Marketing Communication

Invented a photo sharing app

Scott VanDeVelde

President, Shopper Exchange